Free WiFi finally comes for iPhone users at Starbucks

October 30, 2008

We’ve reported on this in the past, and it seems that AT&T has flipped the on/off “free Wifi at Starbucks” switch a number of times. Well, today AT&T is sending out text messages to iPhone users telling them that they can now enjoy free WiFi at thousands of hotspots nationwide, including Starbucks.

The text message comes with a link to which tells you all about the service. When you drill in a bit further you see that all you have to do is connect to the hotspot, enter in your mobile number and then receive a text message with a link that you click. That link says you have “24-hour access” to the hotspot. I’m not sure if that means that you can enjoy WiFi for free for 24 hours or that it’s available 24-hours a day, but either way, there’s some time in there for free surfing.

AT&T sending out SMS to confirm free iPhone WiFi at Starbucks

October 30, 2008

Oh, so you know what’s hot, huh AT&T? Is flipping the on / off lever back and forth a gazillion times on this finicky Starbucks iPhone WiFi plan hot? Because it feels downright cold over here. While we can only hope and pray that this is the signal to finally close the book on this ridiculous saga, AT&T users all over the US are receiving text messages from AT&T confirming that free Starbucks WiFi (for iPhone owners) is on. Reportedly, the message indicates that their iPhone purchase gives them access to two hours of gratis use per day, though we’d go in with the lowest possible expectations in order to not be let down (again). Good luck, mettlesome ones.

Motorola to Release the MOTO Q 11 in December

October 30, 2008

Scheduled to be released is this December, the MOTO Q 11 will succeed the popular MOTO Q9 with integrated WiFi and 3 megapixel camera. No word yet when it will be sold in the US.

Here is more about the MOTO Q 11 Windows Mobile 6.1 Smartphone:

For mobile professionals and consumers who want a fully featured smartphone complete with a QWERTY keypad for fast messaging, easy access to email, location services and multimedia applications, the MOTO Q 11 delivers all of this at an affordable price.

A Feature-Rich Smartphone

The slim MOTO Q 11 with integrated WiFi, is ideal for people who want a high-speed connection for Internet browsing. The built-in WiFi uses Boingo Mobile to automatically connect the Q 11 to thousands of WiFi locations worldwide. Use the optimized keyboard for fast and easy messaging on-the-go and the integrated GPS for navigation support for popular applications like Google Maps. Equipped with Windows Mobile 6.1, the Q 11 enables users to personalize their homescreen and synchronize all contacts, calendar items and email, just like being on a computer. When making calls, connect with compatible Bluetooth enabled stereo devices and you can keep your hands free for other tasks.

Advanced Imaging that Represents Your Style

Use the 3 megapixel camera to capture high quality photos and video and then store them on an optional memory card for easy upload to a PC or to your favorite social networking sites.

MOTO Q 11 Specs:

Talk Time: Up to appro…

PURE Evoke Flow review

October 30, 2008

The PURE Digital Evoke Flow combines a DAB and FM radio with WiFi and streaming technology, freeing you from the PC if you want to enjoy internet radio.

It looks great, with its glossy black finish, chrome trimmings, and touch-sensitive buttons on the digital OLED display. It’s also packed with features.

Once we’d plugged the PURE Evoke Flow into the mains power (it can also be used as a portable radio if you buy the optional ChargePAK rechargeable battery) we were able to select DAB or FM radio stations. Using the dials and the touch-sensitive buttons on the display, we were able to automatically or manually choose our desired station as well as save up to 30 stations as presets, and make use of the alarm and sleep timer functions offered by the radio. We especially loved the fact that we could ‘snooze’ the alarm by simply grabbing hold of the handle.

We tested the Evoke Flow in an urban part of Kent and had no problems locating over 50 DAB radio stations within minutes. We were also impressed with the volume achieved by the 3in speaker when we cranked the device up.

Pure Evoke Flow’s other features

But it doesn’t stop with DAB and FM radio - it can access web radio too. However, before you can access any more of the PURE Evoke Flow’s extra charms, we had to register at PURE’s online portal The Lounge. After creating an account and registering the device, you’ll have access to hundreds of thousands of stations available from the online portal. …

Review: Tesco Talk Wifi service

October 30, 2008

Tesco has, for some time, been bundling home handsets with an O2-partnered VoIP service, charging nothing for calls between subscribers, 2p a minute to landlines in the UK and other major countries, and 10p a minute to UK mobiles.

Its new Talk Wifi service extends the offer to Wifi-enabled mobile phones – currently only Nokia’s N95, N81, E65 and E51, either your own or bought from Tesco. In either case you send a premium-rate text to download an applet. The £1 cost is credited to your account.

The service uses the SIP standard, but calls to non-Tesco SIP users incur charges.

Ethernet/Serial WiFi Bridge simplifies wireless upgrades

October 30, 2008

New Economical Ethernet/Serial WiFi Bridge

Pittsford, NY: WIZ-600Wi is a tiny (3.2″ x 3.0″) 2.4GHz IEEE802.11b/g-based wireless module for embedded systems which supports not only Ethernet but also an RS232C interface, enabling comprehensive “Serial-to-Wireless” functions. A Media Independent Interface (MII) for external PHY is also featured, used to connect a 100Mbs Ethernet MAC-block to an off-board PHY IC. A maximum real data streaming rate of 33Mbps to Ethernet is possible, or 115kbaud via RS232. An RSSI signal is available for displaying RF power between the module and its access point. Additionally, the WIZ-600Wi has three general purpose I/O lines.

WIZ-600Wi supports 54Mbps wireless LAN communications and 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet or RS232 serial connections. Now you can add wireless to your product without a redesign! WIZ600Wi operates as an access connection or a repeater. Ethernet features include: dynamic IP configuration by using DHCP server/client; filtering by using MAC address (ACL); multiple SSID & VLAN support; simple configuration using browser-based AP utility. WiFi features include: support for 4/128/152Bit WEP or WPA encryption; EAP certification; 13 available/selectable channels.

WIZ-600Wi Requires 3.3V at >700mA, WIZ-600Wi’s operating range is up to 100m indoors, or up to 400m outdoors. A socket for an external antenna is also provided. An evaluation board with easy-start DB9 (serial) and RJ-45 (Ethernet) sockets is also available.


London leads in WiFi access points

October 29, 2008

SECURITY FIRM RSA said in its latest annual Wireless Security Survey that London still has far more wireless network access points with 12,276 than either New York City, with 9,227, or Paris, with 4,481.

RSA, which is the IT security subsidiary of storage vendor EMC, has commissioned these independent WiFi security surveys for three years running. It found explosive growth since 2007 of 543 per cent in the number of WiFi access points in Paris, strong growth of 72 per cent in London, and healthy growth of 45 per cent in New York.

Paris also had the largest increase in the number of public WiFi hotspots with 300 per cent growth, followed by New York with 44 per cent growth and London with just 34 per cent.

New York still has the highest percentage of public hotspots with 15 per cent, leading both Paris at six per cent and London at five per cent.

As a security vendor, RSA is of course hoping its survey will raise security awareness among top IT executives. In introducing its report, the company mentioned the August 2008 indictment of an international ring of cyber-criminals for allegedly accessing poorly secured corporate wireless networks to steal more than 40 million credit card numbers.

Sam Curry, RSA’s VP of Identity and Access Assurance, admonished, ” Clearly… it is more important than ever to close the wireless loophole and ensure that the countless investments being made in securing networks everywhere are not undone by leaving the back-door wide-open.”…

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